Warranty Options

3 Month Statutory Warranty

Under Queensland State Law all Motor Dealers are required to supply a 3 month statutory warranty on all vehicles (excluding commerical vehicles) sold unless the vehicle is more than 10 years old or has travellled more than 160,000kms. This law also states that if a vehicle does not have a statutory warranty a notice must be clearly visible in the vehicle when displayed for sale at the dealership and a warning notice must be within the vehicle write-up on all online advertising (dealerhsip website, third party car sites and social media). We have a wide range of Extended Warranties available on all vehicles regardless if they have a statutory warranty or not; for more information about our warranty options please contact us.

Protect your Investment with an Extended Vehicle Warranty or Extension of Manufacturers Warranty

All things mechanical run the risk of breaking down. The modern vehicle is extremely complex, with thousands of sophisticated moving parts, so why not protect your investment...

Should anything unforeseen go wrong, the cost of repairs can sometimes come as a shock....

The question is, will you be financially prepared to meet the costs of repair when the time comes?

Australian Motors Group together with National Warranty Company (NWC) offer a wide variety of Extended Mechanical Parts and Labour Limited Warranty options for most types of vehicles, vessels and motorcycles that range from basic Drive Train coverage to a complete Extension of Manufacturers Limited Warranty which can minimise and even remove any financial risk to you should any unforeseen breakdowns occur.

In addition, NWC can provide you with 24 hour / 7 Days per week Emergency Roadside Assistance Membership, to ensure that any inconvenience associated with these types of events are minimised. When you sign your purchase order with Australian Motors Group, you will be offered applicable Extended Limited Warranty options and prices, as well as be explained your duties and requirements to maintaining your Warranty.Please read and consider carefully the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG - if you are considering purchasing an Extended Limited Warranty from one of our Authorised Representatives) before deciding which option is right for you. 

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